Ikonworks, Hampshire Wedding Photographer, Bridebook


I have spent a lovely couple of hours setting up the Ikonworks Bridebook profile today… you can find it here and guess what it’s got 5 stars already, which makes me very happy indeed!

Ikonworks on Bridebook

I’ve added beautiful pictures, lovely videos, some awesome testimonials and much much more…

Ikonworks, Hampshire Wedding Photographer, Bridebook
Here are some of the questions I had to answer;

What is your #1 wedding planning tip for couples?

Trust your wedding suppliers, engage and consult the knowledge they possess. Don’t try to do it all on your own, enjoy being engaged and take time to have fun with your partner.  It should not feel like an uphill battle, and it should not be stressful and unsettling.

Quoting Annabel from Love My Dress

“They work way past what would be considered a safe/healthy/acceptable level of working hours – evenings and weekends are a constant work/life challenge. But they do this willingly and lovingly because they adore their jobs and they love weddings. Suppliers like these, that is, folk who will go out of their way and walk that extra mile to make your wedding day experience unforgettable, are worth their weight in gold”.

What about your business are you most proud of?

My personal “gentle touch” thoughtful service. I believe in natural, heartfelt storytelling, creating images rich with love, comfort and complete authenticity. Images with a vibrant tone, invoking the memories and emotions from your wedding day. I love that I have been able to create this in a business, I have built on my own. It has been the most amazing journey I have ever taken, this is what makes me proud.

Ikonworks, Hampshire Wedding Photographer, Bridebook

What is your favourite personal touch you have seen at a wedding?

OMG – it can only be this:

A groom of mine at a recent wedding creating something so gorgeous and poignant for his bride, it gave me goosebumps whilst photographing it.

You can see it here on Instagram.

A small wooden box containing carefully carved wooden hearts, each with a reason why he was saying I do…. Just perfection, a treat to every romantic soul and well a romantic gesture like no other I have seen for quite a long time #seriousgroompoints

What is the most original photo you’ve been asked to take at a wedding?

Natalia and Kristian married at Master Builders, the reason they picked that venue is because Mel Kristian’s dad) has a boat moored there, and has for decades. All day Mel asked me to make sure I got a picture of the boat, I did – but not in the way he was thinking.

This is a picture of the tiny flowers (hydrangeas) Natalia selected for Jo Hicks (the florist) to place in tiny vases outside on the tables.

Ikonworks, Hampshire Wedding Photographer, Bridebook

If you look at the bottom of the vase, reflected in the water is a tiny boat… you can make out the masts, and the water, amongst the trees of this incredible venue. That is Mels boat. I love this shot, and it made my day capturing it.. Something truly special indeed and a perfect momento. The family spend a lot of time on it, and I know it will have been wonderful having it as part of the images from their gorgeous day.


Pop over and have a visit..

Ikonworks, Hampshire Wedding Photographer, Bridebook

Revolutionising wedding planning!

Bridebook is a state-of-the-art online wedding planner, featuring 5 wedding planning tools designed to guide you through every step from engagement to wedding day.

A personalised wedding checklist, guestlist manager, budget planner, and of course the supplier search and shortlist tools, your wedding plans will stay organised while you and your partner enjoy your engagement.

Hamish Shephard is the founder, he devised his own comprehensive digital wedding-planner.  Just three months after its launch, the site has 10,000 couples using it to plan their nuptials, and over 160,000 Instagram followers. It seems he is onto something.  Mr Shephard rescued his family’s stately home, Hedsor House, transforming it with the help of his brothers into one of the most sought-after wedding venues just outside of London, seems he knows a fair bit about the wedding industry as well.

If you are unconvinced as to the originality of the idea, then take a look at some of the features of Bridebook.

  • There is a ‘Boss Mode’: a one-click button that immediately swishes generic looking spreadsheets across your desktop screen, in case your manager walks past and sees you doing your planning during working hours.
  • The RSVP system allows all the guests to submit stories to the best man as speech material, or well-wishing messages that are automatically sent to the bride the night before her wedding day.
  • Guests can also make text donations to the church, removing the need to remember cash on the day.
  • Brides can assign to-do lists to grooms, bridesmaids and mothers, easing the ‘too many cooks’ symptoms of wedding planning.

These are the sophisticated flourishes of Bridebook, but its basic characteristics really take the pain out of planning:

  • Addresses for guests auto-populate into a spreadsheet
  • All quotes and budget changes are collated and updated in real time across all of your devices
  • All email correspondence comes via your account to allow for easy comparison between costs and services.

“We like to think of ourselves as a combination of Pinterest, Google Docs and Right Move, but all for weddings, wedding planning should be as enjoyable as the day, it’s full of nice things like cocktail tasting, choosing menus and honeymoons. So we want to do the boring stuff, and hopefully make everyone miss using Bridebook after they’re married,” he explains.

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