As I gathered her dress, shoes, rings and all the other bridal details at the beginning of the day. She beamed at me from the other side of the room. Putting down her champagne, she strode across the room with a happy confidence. When I see this calm trait in a bride, I always smile to myself, hoping my daughter will be the same on her wedding day. She hugged me and said “I’m just so happy you are here”. Her content kindness, was contagious and exhilarating. I felt at ease, knowing this was going to be another marvellous, fun and romantic day, full of love. Exactly as it should be.


I will one day find the words to express how special and intimate it is to be by a bride’s side all day, on her wedding day. These days are precious, and sentimental, and always different. Part of it all, in the midst of the fun and romance, capturing it with the care and generosity it deserves

I wanted to find a unique way of supporting my clients. Providing information in the same generous way in which I capture my photographs.  So, the search for the perfect words, the perfect layout and the perfect brochure began.  With lots of ideas flying around I fired up trusty Pinterest for some inspiration. The aim was to create something welcoming yet alluring, something a little sentimental. With our new pretty tones applied to a classic magazine editorial look. We were onto a definite winner.

swash aub

So, exactly how do you decide how much to invest in your wedding photography? I’d advise these are the subjects you should discuss with your partner.

How important is a record of your Wedding?

I have learnt through the years that every couple value things in a different way.

Whilst some may choose to have a bigger budget for flowers over catering. Others may go all out on the dress and everything else comes second. The good news is, there is no right or wrong approach, it’s a matter of complete personal preference.

Some couples i’ve photographed choose to make, up-cycle or borrow as much of their weddings styling as possible. With the soul purpose to be able to save towards the photography costs. Whilst others have opted for only part coverage of the day to keep within budget. One thing that’s always the same, is the desire to be able to look back on their incredible day for years and years to come. This is your chance to provide both yourselves, and your family with a photographic heirloom. Completely based around the choices you make now about your photographer and photography.

Who do you feel would be able to tell your story with the style and attention it deserves?

There is no shortage of wedding photographers, catering for every budget from £150 to £10,000 and beyond.

Take your time and find the one that appeals to you the most.

When you look at their portfolio, do you feel as if you were there? Did you find yourself connecting with the couple and guests in the images? People who up until now were strangers?

Can you see your story told in their style? Could you imagine what that would look and feel like?  A very wise man once said;

So it’s finally here, and may I say it’s looking stunning. I really hope you love it as much as I do. It had to be something pretty, yet useful, something eye-catchingly gorgeous yet informative.

The photography is of course covered, but I wanted it to really give you a true idea of what we offer our clients. Something graceful that represent’s our gentle touch approach. The renowned beautiful, elegantly formed artistic Ikonworks wedding photography. With a very feminine touch.

My very unique wedding brochure

The Ikonworks showreel

If we have tantalised you and made you swoon, then do please have a further look here at our Investment prices page, it has a button from which to download the brochure featured so beautifully in the above video.  You can also send me a lovely email telling me all about your gorgeous plans here.