I’ve come home from a weekend away to find my beautiful lilac about to bloom in the garden.It’s glorious purple blooms already a riot of colour against the brick house next door. Every year it gets a little stronger, a little more abundant…. So as I sit unpacking after a wonderful weekend away, mapping out my week in my planner, thinking about all the exciting things I have going on.


It dawned on me, it’s rescue mission was one of the first things we did when we moved here with our little baby (now a 12 year old young man), into our grown up house.. Funny the thoughts that pop into your head, as you think through what the week has in store.Exciting editing, enquiries from winter and spring brides, three new commercial bridal shoot enquiries for next seasons collections, and three gorgeous editorial shoot ideas coming through from industry friends.. all of this ahead of my first one to one with the amazing Ebonie Allard.
I found this quote in my Pinterest feed ~ more messages perfectly timed…

“The one thing you have, that nobody else has is you.

Your voice. Your mind. Your story. Your vision.

So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can”.

Here’s to a new week, an adjusted approach and mindset and the fantastic opportunities coming my way… oh and to the lilac opening in the garden.
Tithe Barn, Ikonworks, Hampshire wedding photographer, Petersfield